Cold winds from beyond

by Ecnephias


Cd compilation (18 tracks from "November", "Dominium Noctis", "Haereticus")
Label: Behemoth Productions


released August 5, 2012

Mancan (Ecnephias, Abbas Taeter, Saturnalis Nox, Old Nick) -
Guitars, Vocals, Programming



Ecnephias Potenza, Italy

Ecnephias is a dark metal act formed in Potenza, Italy, in 1996 by Mancan. The band releases are “November” (demo), “Dominium Noctis”, “Haereticus” (EP), “Ways of Descention”, "Inferno", "Necrogod", "Ecnephias" and “The sad wonder of the sun”. The sound is a personal blend of death, black and gothic metal with a ‘mediterranean’ touch. ... more

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